Spring Spots and Stripes

Dom Garnett fishing perch Angling TImes

What a difference just a few days, and degrees, make. It feels like we’ve finally turned the corner to brighter times and “proper spring”. This is never a strict calendar date but more of a transitional phase or gut feeling. It’s also my favourite time of year of all, I have to say. Even if… Read more

Lights, camera, fish! The best and worst of fishing for YouTube

In so many ways, producing a fishing film is a conjuring trick. It’s the art of making something tricky and time-consuming look quick and easy! As a writer by trade, film has never been my main weapon, but it’s something I’ve enjoyed – and endured- more in recent years. My latest mission after pike on… Read more

Beasts, blanks and blizzards: Extreme winter fishing

We British love a bit of dreadful weather. Yes, let’s stop pretending we don’t, gassing about it is part of our national character. As the shock-tastic annual tabloid headlines suggest (the worst winter since what… the one you reported last year?), we love to act stunned, even though we live on a wet, windy island…. Read more

Winter Fishing Finds!

“Within the depths of winter I found there was, within me, an invincible appetite for fatty food, alcohol and fishing”. I think it was Albert Camus who said these immortal lines? Or was it Ken Dodd? Actually, scrub all of that, because it’s nearly Christmas and in spite of the silly cost of living and… Read more

Lift method perch and late winners

“Never, ever give up” is the recurring message of current fishing. As winter sets in, action is rarely instant, especially when it’s been freezing cold overnight. It can be awfully easy to feel defeated when things don’t work or you draw what feels like a duff peg. But the one thing we can all cultivate… Read more

A Cast in the Canaries: Fishing in Lanzarote

Having never visited the Canary Islands before, I was excited to sneak some light lure and sea fishing kit on this year’s family trip. With the British summer holidays one of my busiest times of work, my own family holiday often has to wait till early autumn, but this seems a great time to visit…. Read more

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