Winter Reads & Fishing on Silverton Pond

Greetings to everyone and welcome to the new site, which will also be the new home of my regular blog. Some fairly calamitous things have delayed this update, but suffice to say Donald Trump’s ridiculous head wasn’t the only ominous thing to bear this month. With my trusty fishing wagon breaking down and going to the big fishery in the sky, I was left a bit stranded and stressed. Then I got ill. And then things got even more “interesting” for good measure. More on this, along with current news and reviews in a sec.


I did at least find time to get out for a fish locally, this time at Silverton Pond, a pint-sized lake that has been 15 minutes away from me for most of my life- how ironic I’d never fished it! It was a cool, damp afternoon, but I quite fancied the easterly end of the lake for some bites.

I also made the effort to drag my dad out of the house, because he hadn’t been fishing in quite a while. And while I was faffing, he got straight to work on the pole, getting silly numbers of bites from roach and one or two better perch around the pound stamp.

As for me, I wanted to spend at least part of the session getting my pole gear in order and preparing rigs for next week’s Christmas Match on the Tiverton Canal. My float burying next to the pond’s island suggested perch, but several yards of thick elastic stretching out suggested otherwise. Why is it that when you don’t actually intend to catch carp, they always find you? Pretty fish all the same.


However, while my dad had a very nice net of fish, I managed to crunch my pole by hooking a snag and having to pull for a break. Eeeek! Half of Silverton probably heard my choice next words.

But in spite of it, things are finally are looking up. My site is now hack-free and back working. My good friend and Polish alter-ego Arek Kubale is visiting this week. And there are other good things in the fishing world, especially where reading material is concerned.


Fallon’s Angler Number 7 has been out for a little while now, but I’ve only just had the chance to read all the pieces and it’s a belter. Too many highlights to mention, but Nick Fallowfield Cooper’s piece on Dartmoor is a belter, as are Chris Yates’ story from the sea and a certain General discussing how to kill, maim and expel invasive species. And issue 8 is imminent too, with plenty more quality old school angling stories. Go and check out and treat yourself!


However, I also had my head turned recently by a rather quirky children’s book. Billed as a “a small story about fishing, but a big story about our planet”, Free The Lines is children’s book with a serious message and a slightly anarchic twist. Following a lone character who voyages across the ocean in a small fishing boat, it depicts the rich array of life in our seas with glorious illustrations from flying fish to giant whales.


   Most eye-opening, however, is the way it depicts the darker side of unsustainable commercial fishing in an encounter with a vast trawling vessel busy sweeping up masses of fish and marine life in its wake.
at_double_feature-5  at_double_feature-6
Seeing the trapped creatures, the protagonist produces a pair of scissors and cuts the nets free, allowing all the fish to regain their freedom. You might easily say these are not the typical antics of a children’s book character; and perhaps this isn’t a book to gift the local commercial fleet for Christmas! However, it does open young eyes to the beauty and fragility of our seas. Fittingly, the story ends as the hero takes just a single fish back home for dinner
Free The Lines is available now from Amazon priced £11.99, while you can also see the beautiful artwork from the book at author Clayton Junior’s site
And that’s about all from me for now. Oh- except I should also tell any lure and fly anglers among you about my most recent film, in collaboration with Dan Cant and Turrall. I had a testing session on the River Tone, but managed several perch and a big surprise on the new Turrall Dropshot Minnow Flies.

To see the film, CLICK HERE.

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Do also keep an eye out for Angling Times, where you’ll find a special double page special “Far Bank” column in the Christmas issue.

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