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Canal Fishing: A Practical Guide (hardback 1st edition)


A comprehensive guide to canal fishing, featuring all major methods, species and venues. Beautiful photography, stacks of useful advice and a foreword by Des Taylor.

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Product Description

Detailing all the major species, methods and venues, this critically acclaimed volume is an entertaining and comprehensive guide to canal fishing. Besides great illustrations and a wealth of information, you’ll also discover more about the history and fascinating variety of UK canals. Ideal for beginner or expert alike.

-All major methods covered, from waggler and pole fishing to canal carping, lure and even fly fishing.
-Beautiful photography and diagrams throughout
-Includes an extensive guide to virtually every UK canal, including venue and national specimen records.
-Foreword by Des Taylor
-Highly collectible, signed first edition.
Canal fishing book, hardback angling collectible

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