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Hooked on Lure Fishing + Crooked Lines


Buy two brilliant fishing books, Crooked Lines and Hooked On Lure Fishing, for just £30! 
Great reading and a perfect gift for any angler.

Product Description


Hooked on Lure Fishing

The ultimate guide to multi-species lure fishing!

Packed with knowhow and inspiration for over 60 salt and freshwater fish species, Hooked on Lure Fishing is the book to take your lure fishing adventures to the next level!

  • Over 200 pages, covering all modern methods and over 60 fish species!
  • Stunning underwater photography and original illustrations
  • Extensive fish ID guide, packed with facts and tips

Crooked Lines

A Collection of Anarchic Angling Tales!

What have England’s shabbiest white van, a forgotten river and a fly tyer born with twelve fingers got in common? All feature in Crooked Lines, a collection of wildly entertaining tales from acclaimed fishing author Dominic Garnett. From remote lakes to the fag end of urban Britain; through a barbed wire fence or even a hole in the ice, the lively stories and original artwork of this anthology will delight anglers of all persuasions.

-Two dozen brilliant, eye opening angling tales
-Stunning photography and exclusive artwork from Lord Bunn
-Foreword by Matt Hayes

Sharp, witty and bloody well written… has that rare gift to convey the magic of the sport.” –Angling Times

Irreverent, quirky and fresh. An absolute treat.” -Matt Hayes

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