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Tangles with Pike – First Edition Hardback, signed by the author



Product Description

From backwater England to the great lakes of Scandinavia, Tangles with Pike captures the glory of pike fishing, along with a handful of guts. Armed with just a rod, a bag of herrings and his own creaking sanity, Dominic Garnett brings you a selection of fiercely entertaining stories and articles. Spanning several years of original writing along with fresh work, this collection takes you straight to the snaggy edge of the water, where the pike are savage and the truth is as strange as the locals.

134 pages, full colour with beautiful photography A collection of fiercely entertaining pike fishing stories and articles. Stunning imagery and classic articles as well as new and original work.

  • Thought provoking observations and fresh ideas for your pike fishing.
  • Only approximately 200 of 1000 first edition hardbacks left: An ideal gift and highly collectible!  


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