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Beating the Chill

Ice breaking fishing winter UK

I’ve said it before that die-hard anglers thrive on adversity, but this January I mean it more than ever. Conditions have been yo-yoing dramatically, with hard frosts one week, gales and temperatures into the mid-teens the next. This can make it much harder to catch, but let’s face it, if we were to sit tight… Read more

From easy fishing to mission impossible!

Rodney Wevill John Deprieelle fishing Turrall Devon

There are not many pastimes as varied as fishing. It’s not just the locations and the species, but the difficulty setting that is infinitely varied. If football was like this, one week would be 0-0 and the next 17-6. That’s probably a good thing. It means that the same sport can offer quite rapid success… Read more

A Cast in the Canaries: Fishing in Lanzarote

Having never visited the Canary Islands before, I was excited to sneak some light lure and sea fishing kit on this year’s family trip. With the British summer holidays one of my busiest times of work, my own family holiday often has to wait till early autumn, but this seems a great time to visit…. Read more

Summer Dipping, from Angling Books to Beach Fishing

If life already seemed rather like a weird, not entirely pleasant hallucination after a diet of covid, war, fuel hikes and even England winning a bloody football tournament, summer has had its own drama on the water. Fresh from reporting on the Thames drying up at source for the Angling Times, I now hear that… Read more

From Canal to Coast

Specimen rudd fly fishing

One of the joys of every season as an angler is that, without fail, something completely new or unexpected will happen. Whether it’s the realisation of a long-held dream, a random twist or a stroke of pure luck, fishing keeps us guessing. Just when you think a pattern is emerging or we’re in a spell… Read more

Are you a flexible angler… or a stubborn b*gger?!

Anglers are as varied as the fish they try to catch. Some will sit in one spot for hours; others happily rove a whole river. Some are bricklayers, others are university lecturers. Some are active in all seasons, others go missing as soon as it becomes too hot or cold. But here’s a basic, slightly… Read more

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