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Foul weather carp, urban angling & “Britain’s Hidden Fishes”

Urban fishing bristol canal free

Spring has been so late and cool this year, it should be little surprise that the fishing has been unpredictable. The fly sport, especially, has been either a write-off or rather tepid, while I’ve rekindled some love for some other forms of fishing, including carp. Indeed, one of the benefits of getting older is that… Read more

Brighter days and fishing lessons learned

Dom Garnett Fishing blog

The odd northerly wind aside, things are feeling a lot brighter this week. As usual, late winter has been a topsy turvy affair, messily stapled to early spring. The daffodils are out and some tench are even being caught, but you can still end up with frostbitten knuckles. With all the chaos of the world… Read more

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